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Private Classes


Private 1-to-1 sessions for you or your household are a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice, ask questions and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to enjoy your yoga for years to come. Each session will be specifically tailored to your needs: for complete beginners, those working with injury, pre- and post-natal bodies or those wishing to deepen and challenge their existing practice. These transformative sessions can take place online, in your home, my place in Bristol, or at the studios I currently teach at. Get in touch and we'll find a time that suits you.

Corporate Yoga


I offer corporate yoga classes that can take place at your workplace before or after your day, or during lunchtimes - online or in person. A stimulating and flowing sequence of postures lengthens, strengthens, twists, and moves the body, providing a wonderful physical antedote to days spent at the desk. At the same time restorative breathing and meditation techniques calm and relax the mind, activating the blissful parasympathetic nervous system to leave you feeling invigorated, light, and stress-free. If you'd like to bring some yoga and mindfulness to your work and colleagues, get in touch!

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers


I've now been teaching yoga full time for seven years, and it has been an immensely rewarding, empowering and challenging journey so far! It's very clear to me that the initial 200-300 hours of training does not a yoga teacher make, and it is the ongoing practice of teaching and holding space where the magic happens. I believe that teaching yoga demands an ongoing commitment to continue growing, learning and challenging yourself, to nurturing your own authentic relationship with yoga, and developing your approach to sharing that with others in a way that is about them, not you. Teaching yoga is, in itself, a real practice of yoga!

At times, the modern yoga world can feel commercial, competitive, cliquey and lonely, but within that there is also space for community, camaraderie and support. I have always enjoyed encouraging newer teachers as we navigate this weird world together, and would love to hear from you if you are intrigued to explore in depth any of the following:

- support in sequencing and class planning for all bodies and levels of experience;

- effective cueing to keep your students safe but also curious and actively involved/engaged;

- teaching with meaningful themes to create classes that physically, mentally, and energetically endure beyond the 60 minutes on the mat;

- signposting on where and how to engage with critical discourses on cultural appropriation and inclusivity in yoga and wellness;

- constructing curriculums to make workshops, special events and retreats a coherent and effective journey of exploration;

- how to navigate your relationship with students, studios, employers, social media and reviews;

- exploring your authentic relationship with yoga, and cultivating your personal voice as a teacher;

- leaving space for your students to experience yoga, without bringing your needs into the room (especially when you're having a bad day!);

- avoiding burnout and maintaining a connection to your own practice!

Get in touch to chat.

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