Drawing on the traditional postures of hatha yoga, vinyasa flow encourages the synchronisation of fluid physical movement with a deep, smooth and calming breath. The classes are intelligently and creatively sequenced to explore the body's full range of motion with grace, ease, intention and curiosity. Each class builds through a dynamic and stimulating flow, opening and strengthening the body in preparation for more challenging asana, before softening into calming, restorative poses and blissful relaxation. Variations and modifications are always offered along the way so that these classes are suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.


An ideal supplement to more dynamic “yang” yoga practices, yin yoga consists of longer held positions that target the connective tissues (fascia) surrounding joints, muscles and ligaments, dramatically enhancing flexibility, stability and range of motion throughout the body. As you release deeper into each pose, the focus comes to rest on stillness of breath, body and mind, and being with sensation. Restorative breath and meditation techniques relax the mind, activating the calming parasympathetic nervous system to leave you feeling invigorated, lithe, spacious, and stress-free. These classes are suitable for all levels, with modifications available for those recovering from injury. Read a blogpost that I wrote about yin yoga here.


A playful and dynamic practice that traces fluid circles around the mat to the rhythm of the breath. Every class is creatively sequenced to draw you away from the habitual physical patterns of daily life, shifting any stagnant energy whilst opening and strengthening the body in preparation for deeper and more challenging postures. The class begins and closes with gentle yin releases to compliment the physical and energetic effects of the flow: brightening, replenishing, or grounding as needed for a wonderfully well-rounded practice that both challenges and nurtures body and mind. Some yoga experience is recommended, but options will be offered so that there's something for everyone. 


These gentle flowing classes provide a comprehensive and light-hearted introduction to the basic postures, sequences, techniques, philosophy and benefits of vinyasa yoga. The invigorating physical practice (asana) opens, strengthens and detoxes the body, whilst restorative breath (pranayama) and meditation techniques relax and focus the mind. Students will leave confident to drop-in to any all-level yoga class, as well as develop their own practice at home. The class is suitable for complete beginners, those working with injury or returning to the practice, as well as those looking to deepen their understanding of the foundations of yoga.


In exploring the opposing yet complimentary energies of yin and yang, this style of yoga allows us to find our own equilibrium between powerful, invigorating movement (Yang), and sweet, nourishing stillness (Yin). Intelligently and creatively sequenced to open, lengthen and strengthen the body, each class builds through a dynamic and stimulating flow before softening into calming, replenishing yin poses and blissful relaxation. As you release deeper into each position, restorative breathing and meditation techniques relax and focus the mind to leave you feeling strong, supple, expansive, flexible, balanced and free of tension - in both body and mind. Suitable for all levels.


​Lynne accidentally stumbled into a yoga class at her gym a few years ago, and immediately became an addict, training in India, Fran​ce, Bali and London. She enjoys practising Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Rocket, Mandala and Yin yoga, and brings aspects of all of these styles to her teaching. Always playful and light-hearted, her classes are underpinned by her studies in philosophy and music, with special attention paid to breath, creative and intelligent sequencing, and the interplay between invigorating challenge and soft release.

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